Q: Has The MEDIA ” Tainted ” The Reputation Of The   “Professional” Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Industry ?

A:  Yes … To What Exact Degree Is Undetermined. Let Me Explain. For Many Years We Have All Witnessed  ” The Late Night TV Comedians Taking Cheap Shots At Wearers Of OBVIOUS Looking Wigs & Hairpieces Or The TV Commercials Showing Hairpieces Flying-Off In The Wind, Etc. ”

This ” Distorted Reality ”  Is Very Insulting To The ” Professional  Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Industry & To The Millions Of Natural-Looking Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Clients That Have Experienced Hairloss Due To Accidents , Medical Or Genetic Conditions.”

Unfortunately , Perception Is Reality To  Many Individuals Who View This ” Distorted Reality ” &  Falsely Perceive  ALL Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement As A Bad Joke Or Their Grand Daddy’s  Obvious Looking Toupee. Very Sad.

There Is Nothing Obvious Or Funny About ” Professionally Designed & Maintained Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement.” Non-Professionally Designed & Non-Maintained Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement ( Mainly The Cheap Stock Wigs & Hairpieces ) For The Most Part ” Are Joke Worthy ! ”

There Is A Somewhat Crude But True Axiom In The Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Industry :  ” You Only Spot The Bad Work . ”

Let Me Give You A Personal Example. Several Years Ago A Former Girlfriend & I Were Having Sunday Brunch At A Lakeside Restaurant With Our Out Of Town Visitors.  The Woman ( My Girlfriend’s Former High School Friend ) Was Married To This Guy, An Attorney And They Were Somehow Both Under The Impression That I Was In The Beauty Industry But Not Specifically In The Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Industry.

The Attorney & I Were Chatting And Then He Tells Me  ”  I Was Playing RacketBall With A Balding Associate And I Told Him That If He Beat Me I Would Buy Him A Hairpiece. There Aren’t Any Hairpieces That I Can’t Detect ! ”  Here I Am… Sitting Six Inches From Him… My Hair Combed Straight-Up Exposing ALL Of My Frontal Hairline … And He Did NOT Know That I Was A Hair-Replacement Client Myself !

The Message That I Want To Deliver To ALL Individuals That Are Experiencing Hairloss  Is This : There Are Basically “TWO” Types Of Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Buyers : 1)  The  Individual  Who Wants To Cover-Up Their Baldness With The Least Maintained & Expensive Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Option As Their Main Priority ; (2) The Individual That Is Seeking The Most Natural Looking Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Technology At A Fair Value Price And Is Willing To Maintain It Properly And Replace It When Necessary. Which Individual Do You Think Is Going To Look Natural ? Easy Guess!

In The Last “20” Years Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Has Evolved To Truly Non-Detectable Status With Hair-Technologies And Grafting Solutions Now Available To The Every Day Client That Were Once Only Available To Celebrities. Don’t Fall For The Ignorance & Rudeness Of The Media.

I’m Gary Aquino , Designer And Founder Of HAIR OF THE ARTS in Austin,Texas Since 1982. I Was Also An Owner Of Apollo Hair-Systems in Texas Before Opening Hair Of The Arts. I Have Over “40” Years Non-Surgical Hair-System Design Experience, Over “45” Years as a Hair-Replacement Client And Over “36” Years As A Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Studio Owner.

BEFORE doing business with any Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Company ” Do Your DUE DILIGENCE ! ” Check on-line for ” Consumer Complaints ” , Check Their “CONSUMER GUARANTEE” … At The Least They Should Offer You A 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE If You Are Not 100% Satisfied With The Finished Results !

A Superior Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Company ” That Is 100% Confident In Their Ability To Satisfy You Should Offer You A 30-Day , 100% MoneyBack Guarantee ! ”

If You Have Any Questions About Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Please Leave A Reply Here Or Email Me Personally ! Wishing You HAPPY HAIR-DAYS FOREVER !

HAIR OF THE ARTS in Austin,Tx Has Specialized In Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Technologies Originally Designed For Performing Artists Since 1982 . If You Are A Performing Artist Or An Appearance Conscious Man Or Woman With Hairloss Contact Hair Of The Arts For A Free Consultation. RATED 5-STARS . 30-DAY 100% MoneyBack Guarantee. May Be Tax Deductible Or Covered By Health Insurance. CALL : (512) 834-1231; Visit Our Website or Email:




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