Author : Gary Carmen Aquino.

Q: Why Did I Choose Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement vs Surgical Hair Transplants To Address My Hairloss Condition BEFORE I Entered The Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Industry?

A:  OPTIONS !  I Wanted To Be ” In-Control Of The Present & Future Appearance Of My Hair & Scalp.” Let Me Explain Further.

I Started Losing My hair In My Teens And By Age Twenty Was Utilizing A Non-Surgical Hair-System.  It Was 1970 And Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement & Surgical Hair Transplants Were Not  Anywhere As Advanced As Today In 2015.

My First Non-Surgical Hair-System Was 100% Synthetic Fiber.  I Had No Previous Experience So I Thought It Looked Pretty Good… Until I realized That ” It Did Not Match My Own Hair Texture , The Style Was Locked-In &  And The Synthetic Fiber DID NOT Move & Flow Naturally In The Wind &  I Was Never Told That I Could Not Use A Hot Blow-Dryer … Which Resulted In Me  FRIZZING The Hair-System  And Trashing It. ”

I’ve Learned Since That Quality Human Hair Vs Synthetic Fiber Is The Way To Have The Most Natural Looking & Performing Non-Surgical  Hair-System.

Fast Forward To 1976 When I Entered The Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Industry As A Design Consultant To Today… 2015 As  Founder & Lead Designer At Hair Of The Arts in Austin Texas.

After “40-Years” Of Being In The Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Industry I’ve Learned That There Are Truly Good & Bad Candidates For Both Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement & Surgical Hair Transplants.

I Believe So Strongly In Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement For Myself & The Majority Of Hairloss Clients … Because Of The Many “Options & Safe Guards”  It Offers.

Unlike Surgical Hair-Transplants , Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Is : Reversible ; Non-Scaring ; Hair-Densities/Lengths , Hairline Recessions , Color(s) & Texture… The Over All Look … Can Be Changed At Will. Anytime In The Future The Non-Surgical Process Can Be Removed & The Scalp Can Be Shaved Smooth (Without Any Dimpling Or Scarring  Showing On The Scalp Or Nape Area) Which Can Look Fashionable For Many People.

After “40” Years Of Consulting With Many Clients That Have Undergone Surgical Hair Transplantation … It Appears To Me That The Best Candidates For Hair-Transplantation Are Individuals :  Middle-Aged / 40-ish Whose Balding Patterns Have Stabilized ; Who Have Ample Donor Hair-Supply In The Nape Area And Like Their Hair-Texture; Who Only Require A Hairline Or Small Area To Be Filled-In… Up To A “4” On The Norwood Chart Of Male Pattern Baldness. To Read A Truly Objective Report On Shopping For Surgical Hair-Transplantation From The American Hairloss Organization ,  I  Refer The Reader To The Following Link :

The Best Candidates For Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement  Are : Individuals That Have More Extensive Hairloss … A  ” 3 -7 ” On The Norwood Chart And Like Myself ” Want To Exercise & Control ALL Their Scalp Appearance Options Now & Into The Future.” I’ve Designed Perfectly Natural Looking Non-Surgical Hair-Systems  On Clients With As Little As 1″-1 1/2″ Of Fringe Hair Left !

I’m Gary Aquino , Designer And Founder Of HAIR OF THE ARTS in Austin,Texas Since 1982. I Was Also An Owner Of Apollo Hair-Systems in Texas Before Opening Hair Of The Arts. I Have Over “40” Years Non-Surgical Hair-System Design Experience, Over “45” Years as a Hair-Replacement Client And Over “36” Years As A Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Studio Owner.

BEFORE doing business with any Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Company ” Do Your DUE DILIGENCE ! ” Check on-line for ” Consumer Complaints ” , Check Their “CONSUMER GUARANTEE” … At The Least They Should Offer You A 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE If You Are Not 100% Satisfied With The Finished Results !

A Superior Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Company ” That Is 100% Confident In Their Ability To Satisfy You Should Offer You A 30-Day , 100% MoneyBack Guarantee ! ”

If You Have Any Questions About Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Please Leave A Reply Here Or Email Me Personally ! Wishing You HAPPY HAIR-DAYS FOREVER !

HAIR OF THE ARTS in Austin,Tx Has Specialized In Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Technologies Originally Designed For Performing Artists Since 1982 . If You Are A Performing Artist Or An Appearance Conscious Man Or Woman With Hairloss Contact Hair Of The Arts For A Free Consultation. RATED 5-STARS . 30-DAY 100% MoneyBack Guarantee. May Be Tax Deductible Or Covered By Health Insurance. CALL : (512) 834-1231; Visit Our Website or Email:




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