Author : Gary Carmen Aquino

Q :  How Many Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Systems

Do I Really Need To Purchase Upfront ?

A :  I’m Frequently “Amazed” By The Feedback From Many Of Our ” Existing / New Clients ”  That Have Purchased Non-Surgical Hair-Systems Elsewhere BEFORE Arriving At Hair Of The Arts In Austin, Texas.

       Let’s Set The Record Straight ! Our Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Clients Need ” 2- KNOTTED ” Hair-Systems At Any Given Time AND UP TO “3″ Hair-Systems Per Year : “1” Hair-System For Daily Wear & “1” Hair-System For “Back-Up Or To Alternate To Extend The Life Of Both Hair-Systems. ” OUR Clients That Purchase ” V-Looped Or Injected (No Knots) ” Hair-Systems Usually Need “3-4″ Per Year.

       Many Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Companies ( Mainly The Big Franchise/Chain-Sores ) Will Try To Sell You Up To “12” Hair-Systems A Year Or More !  I’ve Spoken With New/Existing    Clients Who Have Spent Up To $ 700 or More Monthly ! Ridiculous…Unless You Just Want A New Hair-System Monthly.

      Actually , Wearing  A New “Knotted” Hair-System  Monthly Is NOT A GREAT IDEA Because It Usually Takes  2-3 Weeks  For Knotted Hair-Systems To ” Break-In & Settle “. Therefore This Client Will Most Likely Be Frustrated Because ” He/She Will Always Be In A New/Break-In Period & Will Be Discarding Hair-Systems Right When They Become Their Best Performance Wise.” The ONLY Exception Is If A Client ” Abuses Their Hair-System By Wearing Tight Fitting Head Gear , Using UnRecommended Hair Products, Is In A Hair-Challenging Career Such As Skin-Diver,Etc.”

When Shopping For Non-Surgical Hair-Systems Make Sure That Additional Hair-Systems Needed During The Year ” Are Highly Discounted.” At Hair Of The Arts In Austin, Texas Client’s Can Purchase Additional ” Custom High-Quality Knotted Or No-Knot Hair-Systems During The Year For  $ 395.00. ” Many Chain-Stores Charge Up To $1500 For Additional Yearly Hair-Systems !

BEFORE doing business with any Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Company ” Do Your DUE DILIGENCE ! ” Check on-line for ” Consumer Complaints ” , Check Their “CONSUMER GUARANTEE” … At The Least They Should Offer You A 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE If You Are Not 100% Satisfied With The Finished Results !

A Superior Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Company ” That Is 100% Confident In Their Ability To Satisfy You Will Offer You A 30-Day , 100% MoneyBack Guarantee ! “ If You Have Any Questions About Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Please Leave A Reply Here Or Email Me Personally! Wishing You HAPPY HAIR-DAYS FOREVER ! HAIR OF THE ARTS in Austin,Tx Has Specialized In Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement Technologies Originally Designed For Performing Artists With Hairloss Since 1982 . If You Are A Performing Artist Or An Appearance Conscious Man Or Woman With Hairloss Contact Hair Of The Arts For A Free Consultation. RATED 5-STARS . 30-DAY 100% MoneyBack Guarantee. May Be Tax Deductible Or Covered By Health Insurance. CALL : (512) 834-1231; Visit Our Website or Email: WWW.HAIROFTHEARTS.COM DHCHAIR@AUSTIN.RR.COM


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